April 16 2017

Near Death/Conscious Dying Experience –

… On Easter Sunday, 2002, two weeks after my collapse, I underwent what many experts might call a ‘near death experience’.

Personally, I refer to it as a ‘conscious dying experience’. To explain it as succinctly as possible: I was lying on a sofa and still feeling acutely unwell. It felt like my life force was beginning to leave my body. I began to enter into an altered state of consciousness during which I (re)-experienced a historical story that had played out during a life I had lived as an Essene, over two thousand years ago.

I found myself (back again) at the scene of the Crucifixion of Yeshua/Jesus. At this point, I felt myself collapse within and lose all sense of contact with the world. The only thing I was aware of was Yeshua on The Cross.

Suddenly, I found myself ageing rapidly, until I was in my mid-eighties. I then left my body and was aware of gazing down at myself lying on a bed. I was very thin with long platinum hair splayed out behind me. The part of me that was observing this scene realized I was witnessing what would have been my own death in this present lifetime. At the same time, I was also aware of the physical dying process and it was an indescribably awful feeling. I refer to it as ‘conscious dying’, because I was fully conscious throughout the entire experience.

[There is another experience of ‘conscious dying’ that occurs for highly evolved souls, for example the High Lamas of Tibet or Enlightened Indian Aesthetics, who are able to consciously realize when it is time to leave this world, at which point they retreat to a private and sacred space to enter into a specific meditative state that will facilitate their spirit to depart the physical and earthly life. Such advanced souls sit upright in the lotus position, motionless, for days on end, undisturbed, until the point when their Consciousness leaves their body.]

… At the point I felt my spirit beginning to take leave of this life, in an instant, I found myself back in my body feeling lifeless and extremely unwell. It took seven whole years to fully physically integrate the experience.

I came to understand that I was to live ‘two lives in one’ during this lifetime. My former life was now completed and the next one was set to begin. Prior to this, I had left no stone unturned in my quest to heal, integrate and dissolve any karma, past life trauma and psychological history. In the process of doing so, I manifested a new life – a future life that would have been my next human incarnation.

Following my ‘conscious dying’ experience, I found that my spiritual awakening, access to my Higher Self and the Higher Dimensions, and the embodying of my future life in this lifetime had all been fast tracked.

In the first two weeks following my CDE, on three separate occasions, I experienced the ‘voltage’ course through my body again. In each instance, I was shown three extraordinary and sequential scenes from a past life in Europe during WW2. This was so powerful that to this day, fifteen years later, I can still visualize and recall it all in vivid detail. The recall conveyed such an important and significant message for this present time that I plan to write about it in a ‘fiction based on fact’ novel.

A Final Note:

Since that Easter Sunday in 2002, each subsequent Easter I have suddenly become unwell: It always follows the same pattern: Five days before Easter the symptoms begin. They then intensify on Good Friday through to Easter Monday and then totally disappear by the Tuesday morning. I have always sensed that when I can get past Easter without this occurring, then whatever healing, clearing and integrating has been taking place would have finally completed.

This Easter, (2017), so far things are looking up! In the lead up to Good Friday, I have experienced dizziness, periods of being intensely hot or icy cold, headaches, and a tender swollen solar plexus. Today, Easter Sunday morning, I am feeling mildly symptomatic, but, by comparison to previous years, I could go as far to say that I feel unusually well. Could this Easter reveal that the trauma from a life I lived over 2000 years ago has finally healed? I wait to see what the next two days will bring …


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