April 22 2017


April 22 2017

Happy Earth Day, Beloved Earth. “Each species has its own language, yet as our Mother you can understand us all. That is why you can hear me today as I open my heart to you and offer you my prayer.” Thich Nhat Hanh Mother Earth, You Are So Loved. ♥♥

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April 20 2017

To say “Thank You” is to say “I Love You”. Expressing Gratitude is to express pure Love. ♥♥

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April 19 2017

So honoured to be currently co-authoring a book with the brilliant Professor Ervin Laszlo. Here is the PBS trailer for a film that has been made about his Work – ‘Life of a Modern Day Genius: Ervin Laszlo’. ♥♥

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April 16 2017

Near Death/Conscious Dying Experience – … On Easter Sunday, 2002, two weeks after my collapse, I underwent what many experts might call a ‘near death experience’. Personally, I refer to it as a ‘conscious dying experience’. To explain it as succinctly as possible: I was lying on a sofa and

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April 9 2017

Every morning upon waking, and each night before sleeping, and all through the night when in and out of sleep, remember Who You Truly Are. You Are – A Being of Light … … Here to evolve a New Conscious Paradigm – create Heaven on Earth – where only Love,

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March 26 2017

Ah … dear ♥ Friends … Back from the city smog, and breathing fresh sea air again … Door wide open … seagulls calling … birds chirping … and, physical harmony restoring …  😌 I am not a great one for taking photos of myself, neither am I adept at

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March 25 2017

On my way to Piccadilly to meet Prof. Laszlo, to show him what I have written so far for our book. Still have 20% left to write. Over 65,000 words so far! Tomorrow, we meet some visionary friends who are also aligned with co-creating a New Paradigm, to discuss collaborative

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Raif Badawi Foundation

March 23 2017

Our Friend, Raif Badawi – Update From Ensaf Haider, the love of Raif’s life: “A few days ago Raif was informed by prison authorities that his verdict has been confirmed, and that he has to pay the fine imposed upon him of one million Saudi Riyal. Raif was very disturbed

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March 22 2017

Dearest ♥ Friends, Today is World Water Day. The human body is made up of 75% water. Let us celebrate ourselves and each other, not only as Star Beings but also as Water Beings on Earth. Today, let us honour all water sources on this amazing planet, all beings who

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March 17 2017

Dearest ♥ Friends, According to ancient indigenous wisdom teachings, the Whale is an elemental swimming library who holds the Akashic records for all life on Planet Earth, the Stars, and the Cosmos, within its consciousness. It is considered to be a Record Keeper. Personally, I feel a little like a

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Feb 26 2017

Dearest ♥ Friends, Astrologically, today is quite a personal one … as we are aware, today there is a Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces. This impacts me strongly with four planets in Pisces and Neptune Rising. But today is also a special one for me because it is

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Feb 17 2017

Dearest ♥ Friends, Just a quick line to say “Namaste” … And to share that I am still under the auspices of the “100 day virus” that I mentioned in my last post which, for me, began on December 27th … I am anticipating late-February to herald a turning point

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