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Dawn of the Akashic Age: New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance, and the Future of the World

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The world is changing. The transition from the mechanistic worldview to one that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life is upon us. It is the dawning of the Akashic Age. The Akashic field that connects the universe is now recognized by cutting-edge science. What we know about communication, energy, and consciousness is rapidly evolving in tandem with the new quantum worldview.

Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World

Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution

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We are living in an unprecedented time of change, a new epoch with a new consciousness. We have reached Zero Point in our personal and collective consciousness and are now in a phase of accelerated conscious evolution and manifestation of personal and collective vision. As the current political, economic, and social systems begin to collapse, people are instinctively and intuitively reevaluating their lives and asking what has real meaning and value and what brings them true peace and happiness. Humanity is now poised to establish a unified, co-creative new world that reflects the evolved consciousness of awakened hearts and minds, of collaboration, and of peace. Presenting a guide for these auspicious times, Nicolya Christi offers psychological and spiritual tools to accelerate conscious and global evolution and initiate a New Consciousness for the December 21st, 2012, epoch.

Beyond Fear and Rage

Beyond Fear and Rage

Contributing author
Published January 2017

The Messages conveyed in this Manifesto are by leading exponents of the new paradigm – including Nicolya Christi – that comes to light at the cutting edge of contemporary science and lived spirituality. They are explorations and examples of the thinking we need to understand the nature of the problems and their possible solutions—and then finding the solution by ourselves. This kind of thinking could replace irrational fear and blind rage with deeper understanding and informed behavior. It could orient our aspirations, our values, and thus our steps. In these extraordinary times this is the kind of thinking we need—in our most urgent and best interest.


2013: The Beginning Is Here

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This anthology offers wide-ranging views by various global experts about the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, as well as related prophecies and associated physical changes of Earth’s structure. The purpose of this collection is to broaden your perspective about such issues and concerns, so you can discern for yourself what your commitment to planetary life will be-and then to demonstrate your commitment into being, beginning this very instant.

2012: A Clarion Call

2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution

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According to ancient Mayan prophecy, December 21, 2012, marked the moment of humanity’s rise or fall. Our rise depends on higher consciousness and raised vibration as well as the expanded awareness of a critical mass of people. As humanity enters the evolutionary transition from Homo sapiensto Homo luminous–from 3rd-dimensional human beings to 5th-dimensional beings of light–we are being called to fully participate in the dawn of a New World built upon unconditional love, co-support, cooperation, equality, unity, peace, justice, and sustainability. Sounding the clarion call for a global shift in consciousness starting at a personal level, Nicolya Christi presents a step-by-step guide to healing and transforming your inner world–an essential step toward co-creating a world shift as we enter the world beyond the tipping point of 2012. She offers core psychological insights and exercises, spiritual teachings, guided visualizations, and a concise overview of the spiritual and astronomical events surrounding 2012, as well as identifying the signs and symptoms of the 12 different stages of ascension, a process that millions are currently experiencing during this global spiritual awakening.

The Diamond Heart Prayer

The Diamond Heart Prayer Meditation and Affirmation

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These two very special Prayers are offered to all consciously evolving, psychologically maturing, and spiritually awakening individuals. Each Prayer is apowerful facilitator for the clearing, healing, and full and final closure of the past, as well as allowing the further incarnation of your Higher Self into your physical Temple.

Ego/Self - A Fairytale

Ego/Self: A Fairytale

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This is an extraordinary and transformational fable of the Ego and the Self. A Fairytale enjoyed by adults and children alike, it tells the story of the ego, from its origins in our own lives, to its integration with the Self. This Fairytale is unique, for it approaches the ego in a different way from any other psychological teaching or spiritual philosophy. Buddhist monks, psyhotherapists, and spiritual practitioners of doctrines across the board have marvelled at not only the unique approach to the integration and transcendence of the ego that this Fairytale conveys, but also at the simple and yet profound truth of its teaching.

New Human - New Earth: Living in the 5th Dimension

New Human – New Earth: Living in the 5th Dimension

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This book is offered as a guide for all those who are aligned, or are aligning with the reality of New Earth and the New Human. It contains new information regarding the 5th Dimension and 5th Dimensional consciousness. On New Year’s Eve 2011, Nicolya unexpectedly entered into a comatose state for two days during which time a massive “download” of information streamed into her consciousness. This download proved unlike any she had received in the past. Immediately following this, Nicolya fell into a six-week “creative void” during which the direction her Work was taking was lost. Instead, she found herself spinning in an infinite midnight void, whilst at the same time continually being flooded with Light. She emerged from this state as suddenly as she had entered it, with a vast outpouring of information which heralded a crystal clear reorientation for the path her Work was to take, including the content for several books, and the New Human – New Earth: Living in the 5th Dimension workshops and trainings.



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MEDITATION is a simple offering inviting you to open its pages and be inspired, resourced, reassured and uplifted. TOGETHER – with the little book ‘The Diamond Heart Prayer Meditation & Affirmation’ – M E D I T A T I O N is best placed somewhere close to you, upon an altar or on your bedside table. Dip in and out of it, as the moment takes you, and be met with little pearls of wisdom that will help to light up your day and Light your Way.


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