The Diamond Heart Prayers

Diamond Heart Prayers

These two very special Prayers are offered to all consciously evolving, psychologically maturing, and spiritually awakening individuals. Each Prayer is a powerful facilitator for the clearing, healing, and full and final closure of the past, as well as allowing the further incarnation of your Higher Self into your physical Temple.

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 The Diamond Heart Prayer Meditation

With all of my Heart, I request that all cellular and ancestral memory, and genetic DNA be wiped clean of all trauma imprints and negative energies, that I be flooded with and hold only the purist and highest vibrational Love and Light.

The Diamond Heart Prayer Affirmation

I live in the Present – The Moment – The Now – lovingly accepting What Is, not what has been, or is to come.

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The Diamond Heart Prayer

The Diamond Heart Prayer Meditation and Affirmation

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