I invite you to reach for your headphones, sit back, press play, and allow yourself to be transported into a deeply healing, transportive and transformational experience.

Most audios are tuned to the frequency of 432Hz – The Frequency of the Cosmos.

Love and Gratitude to Andy Blissett and Lucinda Drayton at Bliss Music for their kind permission to use their music to accompany many of the Prayers – http://www.blissfulmusic.com

Love and Gratitude to Pierre Pradervand for his kind permission to record his beautiful prayer ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’ – http://www.gentleartofblessing.org

Love and Gratitude to James Twyman for his track Moses Code which accompanies ‘The Master in Your Heart Meditation’ – http://www.jamestwyman.com

All Prayers and Meditations are written and recorded by Nicolya Christi.

To invite Nicolya to share these Prayers and Meditations at an event please email info@nicolyachristi.com

Download Instructions:
To Download your Audio purchase or gift simply click on the Audio title highlighted in blue in the email you receive with the MP3 file and the file will download automatically to your Downloads Folder on your computer or device, or directly from your Account on nicolyachristi.com if you have set up an Account. If you are unable to download the files you purchased or received please send an email to: info@nicolyachristi.com and the files will be sent to you directly by email.

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