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What Evolutionary Leaders and Others are Saying About Nicolya Christi

Nicolya Christi is a Visionary and Thinker and Writer and her Work in articulating and promoting  conscious evolution is outstanding. It is my hope that as many people as possible will join her in this journey, a pilgrimage for global transformation so that we can build a new movement to generate action leading to social harmony , ecological balance and spiritual renewal.

Satish Kumar

One who has deep and genuine spirituality, and also practical common-sense combined with real communication skills would be a truly unique person. Such a person exists. Her name is Nicolya Christi.

Professor Ervin Laszlo

Twice Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize

Nicolya Christi is our guide through this evolutionary world shift, one of the best I have encountered. She takes us by the hand, draws us into the unknown field of our own transformation, paving the way for us like a human angel.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foundation for Conscious Evolution

One feels that her understanding of spirituality is something she has lived through, experienced, and felt in a manner we have rarely encountered in the contemporary literature.

Pierre Pradervand


Nicolya Christi is steadfast and selfless in her commitment to bringing humanity to the awareness of our need to prepare for the coming transition.
She is an exemplary evolutionary agent for Gaia.

Geoff Stray


This book is beautiful. The two-part chapter ‘Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World’ is revolutionary, thank God, and very, very timely. This book is about You. I highly recommend you read it.

Peter Owen-Jones

Author. Television Presenter. Columnist - Sunday Times Newspaper.

Nicolya Christi is a beacon of integrity, conscience, kindness and selfless love in her life, her teachings and her sharings with humanity. She walks her talk and is here to usher us all into a New Paradigm based on the wholeness, truth and actions of the heart in union with the mind.

Padma Aon

Author 'The Power of Shakti' & 'The Christ Blueprint'

I find great resonance with Nicolya Christi’s work and her vision of the great transformation that is defining our human experience.

Patricia Cori


Nicolya Christi writes with the Soul of a Mystic, the Mind of an Evolutionary, and the Heart of a lover of life itself. She brings forth the agenda for human conscious evolution, Self, social and beyond, to guide us toward the next era of our evolution.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foundation for Conscious Evolution

2012: A Clarion Call is the most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject that I have ever read.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Nicolya Christi has given us an essential blueprint for the future.

Larry Dossey MD



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